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  • Elizabeth Adamec

Outward Hound Fun Feeder

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Does your dog double as a vacuum at dinner time? It might be time to look into a slow feeder. Slow feeders are designed to do just what you think, slow your dog down. Are they brain stimulating? Maybe, but not in the sense that your dog has to figure out a complicated puzzle. Instead, slow feeders teach your dog to focus and use their mouths carefully to get their food. They have to change their behavior to get what they want and that means they are learning and using their brains.

Beyond brain stimulation, slow feeders can be a life saver for dogs that eat too quickly. Eating too fast can lead to bloat, which is extremely dangerous for dogs. So if your dog races through dinner, you might want to consider a slow feeder.

I haven't complied a top ten list yet, but across the web, the number one spot seems to always go to The Outward Hound Fun Feeder. Almost every review list I found has the Fun Feeder at the top, and it scores high on Amazon with over 90% of reviews as 4 or more stars.

Satisfied users say it does the job of slowing their dog down without being so difficult that the dog becomes frustrated. One owner reports that her dog went from eating in 20 seconds to taking 10 minutes to eat. Users also report that it's easy to clean and that they like the different choices which are designed to suit different snout and face shapes.

But not everyone was completely satisfied. The main complaint I saw was that dogs with flat faces just cannot get to the food. So if you've got a pug, French bulldog or some other smushy-faced ball of love, this bowl is probably not for you. A few other owners reported that their dogs were able to flip the bowl over and make a giant mess. Of course, eating the food off the floor does slow the dog down and figuring out how to do that is definitely brain stimulating. Different path, same destination.

Check it out here:

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